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Disability Taxis

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One of the biggest problems for disabled people is access to public transport. Due to large size and crowded seats, disabled people find it difficult to be able to sit in these vehicles comfortably. A lot of taxi services around the world have started to customize their taxis in a way that disabled people can easily enter and exit the vehicle while also having enough space to feel comfortable while sitting. The following are a few things about disability taxi conversions that you should know about.

Maintenance is important

Disability taxis have a lot of mechanical moving parts that require proper maintenance every now and then. As taxis are generally subjected to a bit harsh treatments, it is important to regularly run tests and checks of the circuitry and control mechanism. Also ensure that all the parts are properly cleaned and greased so that their functioning stays smooth.


Among the many accessories that you can install in a disability taxi, ramps are one of the most important ones. Ramps allow disabled people on wheelchairs to easily enter into the car and sit on the seat. There are different types of ramps you can avail, they are as follows.

  • Foldable ramps : These are extremely popular as they can easily be folded inside the taxi without any issue.
  • Inclined ramps : These ramps have an incline into the car so that the disabled person can easily access the seats.
  • External ramps : Present on the outside of the vehicle, these ramps are budget friendly but cannot be folded into the vehicle.