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Posts published in “Day: December 15, 2017”

Seeking The Sitting Comfort For Driver And Passenger

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The comfort of the driver is utmost priority. The uneasiness to the driver could cause problem for the passengers boarding the vehicle. The uneasiness or the discomfort could lead to accident of the vehicle and physical injury to the passengers riding the vehicle. Thus, the car manufacturers or the vehicle manufacturers consider the comfort of the driver at highest priority. In order to get high quality seats at best prices, you can get the van seats for sale.

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Factors which should be considered while designing a driver’s seat

  • The driver’s seat should provide an uninterrupted vision to the driver and he should have access to all the controls of the vehicle comfortably.
  • The driver seat should provide back support and head support to the driver. The driver should have thigh support as well. There should not be any hindrance or obstruction to the hand or leg movement of the driver while sitting on the driving seat.
  • The seat should provide comfort to the driver for a longer duration of time.
  • During the crash, the seat should provide camouflage to the driver from the force of the crash with another vehicle.
  • While designing the seat, the static and dynamic position of human geometry is considered. The static human geometry means the physical size of the human body and the dynamic status of human body means the status of human body in different positions. The seat designed for the passengers should consider the static status of the human geometry more than the dynamic status of human geometry.