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Posts published in “Day: October 30, 2017”

Protect Your Car against Rain

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Most of us are obsessed with our cars and especially with its appearance. It becomes problematic when our cars stain or lose its shine in a wet climate. Rain generally stains the car when it evaporates leaving behind stains of dust.

If you do wash your car on a regular basis make sure that you apply a coat of car wax over the car. The wax over the car prevents the water from staying stagnant over the car. Not only that it prevents the rain from staining the car but it also maintains a good shine.

Spark Plugs- Maintenance and Replacements

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The spark plug is a key component in the ignition process of any combustible engine. The working principle of a spark plug is common for all combustible engines. During every ignition process, a spark plug is subject to a lot of carbon deposition at the engine heads where actual fuel burning process starts.

With the high deposits and dirt on the spark plug, the spark plug tends to pull in higher voltage to create a spark or sometimes the ignition would never happen. Hence manufacturers have given a km limit when customers need to check and change their spark plugs. The spark plug is the easiest and the simplest component to replace in a vehicle.